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Chabad Early Childhood Releases New, Innovative Preschool Curriculum

Chabad Early Childhood of the Shluchim Office releases a new, innovative curriculum for preschools focused on the Jewish calendar through character development and revealing the power that lies within each student.

Chabad Early Childhood is the international network supporting Chabad preschools on Shlichus with curriculum resources, teacher training, and more. The new curriculum curated by Mrs. Devora Krasnanski runs through the Jewish Holidays focusing on important character traits and values from each Yom Tov, highlighting inner growth and self-expression.

“Using the Power of Me curriculum this past year has been so incredibly amazing,” said Mrs. Mushkie Bitton, director of Jewish Creative Preschool in Beverly Hills, CA. “We’re having our graduation this week and I am basing the whole event around this theme!”

Over the year, students will not only learn about Yiddishkeit in a fun and educational way but will also explore the powers that lie within through developing social-emotional skills. When learning about Purim, the curriculum focuses on learning the power of bravery from Esther and when learning about Tu B’Shvat, the students will explore the power of patience. This style of teaching makes the Yomim Tovim relatable and relevant.

In addition, the program is designed to help teachers guide the students in how to help develop the skill of bringing out their innate potential. The beauty of this curriculum is that it is not dependent on the Yom Tov, the vital concepts such as developing a positive self-image, taking responsibility for actions, and forging healthy relationships can be taught at any time.

"This curriculum incorporates these social-emotional values into Yom Tov learning, making it a personal and unforgettable experience,” shared Mrs. Rivky Baitelman, director of Chabad Early Childhood. "Fostering emotional growth in students is a wholesome way of teaching, combining it with the Jewish Holidays conveys a strong message to parents, that Jewish history is not an ancient book but a relevant and rich way of life.”

For more information about the curriculum, please reach out to For more information about Chabad Early Childhood, visit

Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office, supported by the Walder Foundation.

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