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Chabad Early Childhood Releases Preschool Curriculum

After a successful first year with preschools across the country, Chabad Early Childhood releases its preschool curriculum “No Questions Left Behind” to the public.

“No Questions Left Behind” is designed to spark curiosity in young learners and help them broaden their skills. The curriculum gives educators the tools to enable their students to ask many questions and explore the many possible answers.

“This year, our school used the theme of Wonder Based Learning and really saw a beautiful joint partnership between home and school,” shared Mrs. Rivka Wineberg, director of the City Gan Preschool in Long Island City, NY. “We invited the parents to learn this concept and educated them in how to incorporate it in their lives at home.

It was so special to see how they were really able to grasp the concept of engaging the child in deeper conversations and saw that by asking questions, the child really taps into their great imagination to expand on what they’re doing.”

The role of the educator is to foster their children’s love of learning through encouraging and celebrating the children’s questions. This program provides the mindsets, tools and concrete activities for wonder-based learning. The curriculum includes 23 “wonder topics” in both general and judaic studies, all on the theme of how developing interest and wonder creates a space where learning can come from within.

Additionally, it contains a directors guide, teachers training module, parents evening presentation, end of year presentation and student gift.

For more information on the curriculum, visit

Email with questions on their preschool resources.

Chabad Early Childhood is a project of the Shluchim Office.


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