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First Grade Students Celebrate Chumash Party

The boys and girls in the 1st grade of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School celebrated their Chumash parties with an online, live celebration. Although spread across the world, the students came together to celebrate this milestone joined by their families and school faculty.

“We are so impressed with our daughter’s Chumash skills and are so grateful to her incredible teacher,” wrote Mrs. Faygie Andruiser, Shlucha to Manchester, Vermont. “My daughter was so proud of her accomplishments and it was beautiful to see this up close at the Chumash party!”

Prior to the party, each student received a package in the mail with all the supplies needed to celebrate, including a backdrop, special nosh and a certificate signed by their Morahs.

“After preparing for many weeks, the boys and girls were so eager to perform and receive their very first Chumash!” shared Morah Devora Leah Notik, Associate Director. “It was so special to see the children's excitement as they proudly presented the skills they'd worked on and mastered so beautifully! What a tremendous celebration!"

A special thank you goes to the dedicated teachers of the 1st grade classes, Morah Chava Kagan, Morah Mushka Blau, Morah Esti Angylafi, Morah Goldie Markel, Morah Esther Katz and Morah Feigie Cohen.

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