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Nigri Jewish Online School Hosts Hakhel Gatherings Across USA

In honor of Hakhel, the Nigri Jewish Online School, a division of the Shluchim Office undertook a new initiative to arrange in-person gatherings for students to get to meet each other and develop friendships with other Jewish children.

The Nigri Jewish Online School, sister school to Nigri Shluchim Online School caters to families worldwide who don't have access to Jewish education or prefer online learning.

"The kids loved getting to meet some of their schoolmates in person and the activities were outstanding,” wrote Aliza Rubenstein from New Jersey. “The kids really enjoyed themselves, as did the adults!"

WIth over 400 students all across the USA, families in the school hosted the in-person Hakhel gatherings nationwide in 13 locations. Each host family was mailed all materials for the program including custom crafts, items for activities and swag.

From Arizona to Tennessee and Washington, the children all gathered together for a full day of Hakhel fun at their hosts. They got to meet each other, some for the very first time and spend quality time together. They had the best time playing get to know you games, decorating custom drawstring backpacks and participating in a Mitzvah campaign with their whole group.

To take it to the next level, those families who don't live in the USA or couldn't make it to a location near them were able to receive individual make-your-own Hakhel kits. They were encouraged to gather other Jewish children in their community and make their own Hakhel and had tremendous results.

"It was a really fun and interactive program,” said Leila Singer, a student from San Diego, California. “It was really exciting to be with other online school kids from around Southern California!"

The children came home from the event not only inspired about Hakhel but inspired to be proud Jews and spread the light of Judaism in their corner of the world.

"Our students are the best ambassadors for our incredible school,” shared principal Mrs. Chanie Hertzel. “Through the Day School, After School and Hebrew School, children around the world get to know each other, learning Torah in a rich, Jewish environment. It is all taught by incredible, loving and dedicated teachers who use the online platform to engage students in a virtual way by using online games and activities. In the spirit of Hakhel, we introduced in person gatherings enabling students to meet and become better friends with other local children in their area.”

Visit for more information and email with any questions.

The Shluchim Office has announced the “Together For Shluchim” campaign which will be launched this Tuesday, 24 Sivan (June 12) with a goal to raise $500,000 in 36 hours to continue programs like these.

You can click here to donate NOW and join us together for Shluchim!


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