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Shluchim Online School Students and Staff Celebrate at Annual Reunion

Students, teachers and staff of the Nigri International Shluchim Online School joined together from around the world for their annual Day of Celebration. The virtual school, under the leadership and direction of Morah Devora Leah Notik and Rabbi Yaacov Ringo, provides a robust Chassidishe education for the sons and daughters of Chabad Shluchim throughout the world. Every year, the boys eagerly await the annual Day of Celebration where they get to meet and spend a day with their classmates and teachers. Because of the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves, the online school planned a beautiful virtual program without compromising on the experience of inspiration, fun and connection they feel every year. Every student received a personalized Mincha/Maariv mailed and delivered to their door in honor of the program. 6th grade student Shmaya Krinsky began the program with a beautiful Dvar Torah followed by master storyteller Rabbi Yitzy Erps captured the students with a fascinating tale. MC Rabbi Zvi Herskowitz performed a juggling show before an exciting roll call for all classes. The program culminated with a special surprise concert by Benny Friedman where the boys got to dance and sing along to all their favorite songs.

A highlight of the program was a video presentation shown prepared by the PTA, thanking the dedicated teachers and staff.

The Nigri International Shluchim Online School is a division of the Shluchim Office under Rabbi Gedalya & Bassie Shemtov.


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