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Students of Nigri Jewish Online School Spread Light

In honor of Chanukah, hundreds of students in the Nigri Jewish Online School of the Shluchim Office received their very own Menorah kit in the mail, empowering them to spread the light of Chanukah to their surroundings.

The Nigri Jewish Online School, sister school to Nigri Shluchim Online School caters to families worldwide who don't have access to Jewish education or prefer online learning.

Before Chanukah, the school launched a #SpreadTheLight campaign, mailing each student a package of Menorahs, one to keep and use and others to share with Jewish families who didn’t have a Menorah.

As Chanukah began Eliana, a student from Norway was still eagerly waiting for her package to arrive. Even though her kits hadn't arrived, her mother posted to various Facebook groups to reach out to Jews who didn’t have a Menorah yet. She ended up with three takers, one in Kristiansund in the South of Norway, another to a Jew in Oslo, and a third to another city in Norway.

By the time the package finally arrived, Eliana had found another two Jewish families who were excited to receive a Menorah of their own.

“Eliana managed to spread so much light this Chanukah,” her mother proudly said. “Thank you to the Jewish Online School for encouraging her to be so active in looking to do Mitzvos and sharing so nicely!”

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