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The Shluchim Office Announces Fundraising Seminar with Rabbi Yisroel Brod During Kinus

From new to veteran Shluchim, the Brod Seminar is an annual Kinus highlight to all those who attend. This year’s seminar will take place on Wednesday, 21 Cheshvan / October 27 from 10AM to 6PM at the Shluchim Office.

“I'm just beginning to take steps into this arena and you've provided a system that I'm really excited to implement,” wrote Rabbi Gavriel Isenberg, Shliach at Vanderbilt University who previously attended a fundraising seminar with Rabbi Brod. “I found the presentation to be straightforward, practical, and clear. I have gained clarity on how to make professional presentations to potential donors, have a responsible approach to developing relationships with them, have clear priorities for myself and effectively manage my time. Thank you so much for offering this course and particularly for the affordable price you set. It was life-changing for me.”

Rabbi Yisroel Brod, world renowned fundraising consultant and coach, has many years of experience assisting Shluchim in fundraising and time management of their Mosdos. Rabbi Brod has traveled to major cities across the country and created successful Zoom session packages, teaching and inspiring many Shluchim across the globe.

The Shluchim Office invites all Shluchim to attend the seminar, to sign up now visit


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