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Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp Announces Head Staff

With only a few weeks left until the Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp in Lake Worth, Florida, the Shluchim Office announces the head staff for the girls division.

Every year, Young Shluchos living across the world eagerly await the Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp. The ten day camp experience is their once a year opportunity to spend quality time in a warm, Chassidishe, fun environment together with fellow Shluchos.

“My daughters loved winter camp so much, they came home inspired and recharged and made so many friends,” wrote Mrs. Devorah Raskin, Shlucha to Rancho S Fe, CA. “I can see how much they benefited from being in such a Chassidishe camp environment with role model counselors they admire, thank you so much!”

The camp will be led by directors Mrs. Chanee Raichik and Mrs. Simi Itzinger with head counselors Rochel Goldman (Gainesville, FL) and Mushkie Hecht (Toronto, Canada). Joining them is a talented group of head staff including Aliza Feiglin (Crown Heights), Mushka Moscowitz (Northbrook, IL), Sarale Ehrenreich (Nyack, NY), Chassi Mochkin (Rochester, NY) and Batsheva Goldreich (Crown Heights).

“This year’s amazing group of head staff have been hard at work creating an unforgettable program for the Young Shluchos,” said Mrs. Chanee Raichik. “We know how precious this experience is to the girls living on Shlichus and aim to give them a one of a kind, fun and Chassidishe experience.”

Camp will be taking place in just a couple of weeks from 3 Teves / December 27 until 12 Teves / January 5 . For more information, visit or email

Machane Rivka Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp is a project of the Shluchim Office. The Shluchim Office honors the memory of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy A”H of OK Kosher organization, a longtime sponsor of the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camps.


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